Wellness, at the heart of Bedimo's 2023 vision

At Bedimo, we are convinced that the spaces in which we evolve are the backdrop of our lives.

For the past 20 years, we have designed every interior design project with the goal of creating a pleasant work environment for employees. We believe that this benefits not only the brand and the company, but more importantly the people who work there by providing a comfortable and inspiring environment.

The 4 fundamentals of our vision

Our principles define our culture and vision, and are the pillars of how we approach our work.
We call them our 4 non-negotiables:

company value - well being at work Bedimo
  1. Taking care of others: Our customers, our colleagues and our company are important. We care for our employees, our partners and our planet. 
  2. Putting the customer at the heart of the company: We want to provide a positive experience. We keep this goal in mind from the beginning to the end of the project.
  3. To offer the best of ourselves: Our team is composed of a multitude of talents, with rich and varied profiles. It is by taking advantage of the experience and skills of each one that we obtain the best results.
  4. Operate with simplicity: Why do complicated when you can do simple? This approach allows us to create and execute our projects in the most efficient way possible.

The creation of living spaces

In every project we design, we listen to our employees in order to create a workspace where everyone will enjoy working.

We want to build a place that strengthens human relations, a place that brings life to your offices. With this approach, the feeling of belonging of the employees is reinforced and the well-being felt supports their performance and the company.

How can we help you?

When it comes to office design, we are the right partner for you.
From concept to construction, our teams will advise and support you.

Our design team is composed of interior architects. They are inspired by your corporate culture and your needs to create customized plans. The goal? A pleasant, well thought-out and personalized work environment.

Our build team is there to make sure that the plans are perfectly transposed to reality. They coordinate the various trades and the follow-up of the construction site in order to guarantee you a "turnkey" result. Your offices are in good hands, from start to finish.

Finally, our furniture team sees to the installation of the furniture, often the last touch of the project. After installation, we guarantee the proper use and durability of the furniture.

At Bedimo, we don't just offer you a new interior with new furniture, but a place where teams thrive both professionally and personally. This well-being at work leads to higher performance, a stronger corporate culture and a favorable reputation among current and potential employees.

You wish to benefit from our expertise?
Trust our teams.

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