How to design an eco-responsible office?

How to design an eco-responsible office?

Eco-responsible office design has become a priority for many companies. This allows them to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment, while meeting the growing expectations of consumers and talent who value environmentally committed companies.
If you're ready to equip your office with sustainable furniture to make it an eco-friendly haven, here are a few leads to best practices and suppliers.

1. Using recycled or reclaimed materials for office furnishings

Their use reduces demand for new raw materials and minimizes the amount of waste produced.

The use of recycled or reclaimed materials

When it comes to furnishing your workspaces, opt for desks, shelving and panels made from recycled wood, recycled plastic or reclaimed fiberboard. These materials offer quality and design equivalent to that of new materials, while reducing the environmental footprint.

2. Choosing a local supplier

By favouring local suppliers, you reduce transport distances, and therefore the carbon footprint associated with delivery. By supporting them, you're also helping to strengthen your region's economy and create jobs.

3. Choosing a committed supplier

Committed suppliers are distinguished by their use of sustainable, recycled or environmentally-friendly materials. They also adopt eco-responsible manufacturing practices and reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources. They are also often invested in social and ethical initiatives, such as corporate social responsibility programs and actions in favor of the local community.

At Bedimo, we have chosen to support PlantCa major player in the fight against climate change and biodiversity, by developing plantation projects here in Belgium.

How does Bedimo reconcile office design with respect for the environment?

Bedimo has positioned itself as a major player in the transition to carbon neutrality. With this in mind, we choose to work with partners who share our vision and are committed to reconciling office design and respect for the environment. We give preference to local suppliers committed to sustainable practices, and encourage the use of recycled materials.

Bedimo's committed partners :

Using chipboard panels salvaged from local building renovation projects, they produce eco-friendly new furniture.

Creation of materials from plastic waste. Bel Albatros handles the entire production chain, in their workshop in the center of Brussels, to provide a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable product. In collaboration with this supplier, Bedimo's plastic waste is recycled to provide our customers with designer, functional and environmentally-friendly desks.

Belgian supplier with its own production plant. They are strongly committed to the continuous integration of a qualitative environmental policy within the company.

Belgian platform for buying and selling second-hand office supplies, reducing costs for the environment and the company.

Since 1950, the company's products have won over customers with their low environmental footprint and careful use of resources. The pursuit of well-being is a value rooted in the company's culture, a value that is fully reflected in their product range.

The furniture is made from highly resistant materials that are already recycled or easily recyclable. Produced in France, the company's mission is to create furniture that is durable, beautiful and timeless, all at the right price. Their philosophy? The world doesn't need more furniture, it needs better-thought-out, better-produced furniture.

Bedimo, a complete and personalized approach to eco-responsibility

Creating a pleasant, functional working environment goes hand in hand with preserving the environment. Our design teaminterior design team is at your disposal to advise you and propose innovative ideas incorporating recycled materials, eco-friendly solutions and sustainable practices.

Whether we're drawing up plans, advising on layout or selecting committed partners, we put our expertise and know-how at the service of an eco-responsible vision. A vision in which aesthetics, functionality and respect for the environment come together naturally.

In our next article, we'll look at the various eco-responsible options available for completing a workspace.

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