Agile Working

The flexible organisation of a business, or "agile working" has been gaining ground for several years and has evolved considerably since the 2020 pandemic. Needs are changing, so it is becoming essential to review the way that offices are organised and new structures are designed. Traditional offices are evolving more and more into open spaces that include "sit-stand" communication zones, flexible meeting areas and multifunctional rooms.

Agile working

Above all, the agility of different rooms provides space for productivity and creativity within teams. This is why the motto of agile working is: "let your imagination run wild".

Business is changing and Bedimo helps you design your agile workspace to reflect these changes.

The traditional office as we know it, with a desk, chair and filing cabinet, no longer meets our expectations today. What we need now is multipurpose furniture that adapts to fulfil all our needs in a fraction of a second. Sedus has created the "Se:Lab" range to respond to these needs.

Now impromptu meetings are easy, thanks to mobile furniture.

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