How do you estimate the budget for an office fit-out project?

How do you estimate the budget for an office fit-out project?

What budget should be set aside for the necessary work? This is a question we are frequently asked when it comes to fitting out an office. The right budget estimate is essential to ensure the success of the project. This article will guide you through the key steps in estimating the budget for an office fit-out project, taking into account the various factors that can influence costs.

Factors influencing the cost per square metre of an office fit-out or renovation

In order to evaluate the budget accurately, it is important to take several factors into account:

- Geographical location

if the project is located in a remote or difficult-to-access area, the cost of transporting materials, equipment and labor can increase significantly.

- Office size and surface area

The size of your office will have a direct impact on furnishing costs. The larger the office, the greater the need for materials, furniture and manpower.

- Space planning

an office space that is predominantly open(agile offices) requires fewer resources than a sophisticated space. The latter includes, for example, closed spaces requiring more in-depth acoustic work, more research into architectural style, etc.

- Technological requirements

Technology is very much a part of today's offices. They need to be equipped with communication systems, IT equipment and connectivity solutions.

- Whether or not to purchase furniture and its degree of finish

if the space requires furnishings, the price per square metre will inevitably change. The choice of quality office furniture will also influence the final price.

- Technical work

the involvement of a specialized technical team (for plumbing, electricity, heating, etc.) can increase the overall cost.

Steps to estimate the budget for an office design project at Bedimo

1. Initial scoping : During initial contact, we discuss your specific needs and objectives. We discuss aspects such as the purpose of the redevelopment, the surface area required, the type of building, the budget envelope, and so on. This step gives us an in-depth understanding of your project.

2. Second scoping - the on-site appointment: We schedule an on-site visit where we carry out an initial technical survey with measurements to check the plans and a photo shoot. This appointment is essential to assess the existing space and discuss the degree of finishing and the desired style of layout.

  • Degree of finish: The degree of finish refers to the level of quality and detail of materials, finishes and features in a design project. It can range from the basic, with simple materials and finishes, to the medium, with high-quality materials and a focus on the customer's identity, to the high, which offers premium materials, complex and personalized projects with high-end decorative elements and technologies.
  • Design style: The layout style defines the aesthetics and functionality of the workspace, whether it's a minimalist, multifunctional or sophisticated design.

These first two steps form the basis of our detailed study offer.

3. Design proposal: Based on the information gathered during the first and second scoping, our team of interior architects conducts an in-depth analysis of the architecture, feasibility and specific constraints of the project. We integrate these elements to draw up a complete design proposal, including execution plans, final estimates and a schedule for Build and Furniture.

What are the budget ranges for office design?

At Bedimo, we offer three styles of furnishings that can be beautifully combined with three levels of finishes, all tailored to your specific needs whether or not you choose to include furniture in your project. Here are some examples of estimated costs per square meter (m²).
These estimates do not take into account modifications and/or new installations of special techniques.

1. minimalist styling with a basic level of finishing :

  • Without furniture: Approx. €320/m², including basic materials, standard floor coverings and standard lighting.
  • With furniture: Approx. €400/m², including the cost of minimalist, functional office furniture.

2. multifunctional style with a medium degree of finish :

  • Without furniture: Approx. €800/m², including a combination of open and closed spaces, versatile work areas, high-quality finishes and special attention to the customer's identity.
  • With furniture: Approx. €950/m², including functional and attractive furniture, well-equipped workspaces and technologies tailored to your needs.

3: Sophisticated styling ++ with a high degree of finish:

  • Without furniture: around €1,500/m², including highly personalized enclosed spaces, noble materials, special attention to modularity and top-quality finishes.
  • With furnishings: Approx. €1,750/m², including top-of-the-range furnishings, advanced technological solutions, sophisticated architecture and luxurious decorative elements.

Call on Bedimo for your office furnishings

If you're thinking of redesigning your office, Bedimo is the right choice. We specialize in workspace design, and we're here to support you every step of the way. With our vast selection of furniture and our partnership with over 50 suppliers, including our own Osmoz brand "made in Belgium", we have in-depth knowledge of furniture and solutions tailored to your needs.

What sets Bedimo apart is our comprehensive and personalized approach. We understand the importance of creating a real place to live, a pleasant, functional working environment with an atmosphere that matches the organization's culture. That's why our " design team " of interior architects is on hand to offer advice and innovative ideas. Whether you need plans, layout advice or 3D visualizations, we put our expertise at your service to help you turn your vision into reality.
Because we always know how important it is, we always provide a transparent budget estimate and advice throughout the process to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Would you like to benefit from our expertise?
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